Yoga Philosophy About Stress Reduction

Public School teacher, private school teacher, yoga teacher, personal certified trainer, and spin instructor, I was asked about the benefits of yoga and stress reduction.  Here is my philosophy...
As a yoga instructor, how do you believe yoga is beneficial to emotional and mental functioning?I believe that yoga is beneficial to emotional health using the breath techniques associated with yoga teaching.  In yoga, the breath is primary; and even though, most of us would say we already know how to breathe, we really don't practice healthy diaphragmatic breath each day.  We all tend to hold our inhale when we feel stressed, tense, or in pain.  Yoga teaches us how to engage the Para-sympathetic nervous system through slowing down the breath out.  I often say, "We are born knowing how to inhale, but we must learn how to exhale."Calming the emotions is vital to our well-being.  Emotional stress is rampant in our world today, and we often use "numbing behaviors" to rela…

You Are Not Too Old, and It is Not Too Late!

You are not too old, and it is not too late. 60 reasons to practice yoga:

1. Your hands, your wrists, your hips, your back, your shoulders hurt - why not try to make them feel better naturally.
2. The more that you stretch or balance, the more confident you feel.
3. Age is just a number and so is what the scale says; why not just move and stay young at heart?
4. Pro-prio-ception is what helps me to know where my body is in space. It aides me in both my fine and gross motor skills.
5. Slowing down my breath calms my mind.
6. Yoga strengthens my upper body, and that alone can prevent my back from being injured.
7. I can choose what I will think about instead of allowing my mind to roam towards negative thinking.
8. It's okay to be the oldest person in yoga school. Especially when you have the wisdom to know how to take better care of yourself while doing arm balances.
9. Strong is the new skinny. Use weight lifting to build the strength you need. Sag is just not cute or fun.
10. Growing older…

Can Yoga Transform Your Life? Yes, I Believe It Has Mine!

Yoga Benefits May Include the following:
The Body
Builds Muscle StrengthPerfects Your PostureImproves FlexibilityPrevents Cartilage and Joints BreakdownBetters Your Bone HealthDrains Your LymphBoosts ImmunityIncreases Blood FlowDecreases Elevated Blood Pressure LevelsBuilds Your Heart Rate and then Slows It DownRegulates Your Adrenal Glands (Calms the SNS or Sympathetic Nervous System)Lowers Blood Sugar LevelsHelps You Become a More Conscious Eater - Move More; Eat LessIncreases Focus and ConcentrationImproves Ability to BalanceInduces Relaxation to Improve SleepEncourages Pratyahara (ability to move inward for relaxation response)Gives Your Lungs More Room to BreatheHelps Balance Auto-Immune Diseases Prevents Digestive Issues through Twisting and Calming Stress Related IBSEases Arthritic Pain and FibromyalgiaBenefits Asthma and Improves RespirationOpens the Sinuses and Soothes to Facilitate DrainageDecreases Frequency of HeadachesImproves the Quality of Life for Cancer and HIV Patients…

The Magic Art of Tidying Up!

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.”   S. Maraboli
It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just next week, and winter begins in a little over one month.  December 21 - Winter SolsticeMany of you will be traveling, cooking, and entertaining throughout the holidays.  We hope you will bring your guests to Tranquility Just $5.00 cash for friends and family next week.  May you be thankful and find joy this season of gratitude.Drop in is still $10.00, but if you have friends and family from out of town; please come with them.Let go of unreasonable expectations and discover a new way of living life in a contented manner.  This has brought tremendous joy to my life as I learn to "let go of my expectations and embrace what really "is" in the present moment.  Tidying up our cabinets, our closets, our garages, our storage place, our schedules, and our lives bring…

How to Be Pro-Active When You Feel Re-Active

The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) is engaged when we are active.  It is part of our human anatomy and make-up; when used properly, it gives us the ability to get up and get moving. However, we often "over-incorporate" this adrenaline based ability to act.  
Throughout our lives, we can become too dependent on the feelings of rush, hurry, and stress on an every day type of basis.  When we engage the sympathetic nervous system, the following reactions occur: Blood Pressure and Heart Rate UpsurgeFeelings of Hyper-Vigilance and Hyper-Arousal Blood Clotting and Pupil Size IncreaseIncreased Availability of Sugar, Fats; Insulin Is InhibitedSNS (Sympathetic Nervous System) Domination CharacteristicsHypertensionFast ArrythmiasHeart DiseaseAnxiety PronePanic AttacksHigh CholesterolInsomniaPoor DigestionIn cases of potential life threatening events, the hypo-thalamus in the brain produces a stress response.  Epinephrine and nor-epinephrine (adrenaline) along with cortisol, the prima…

Peace in the Studio; Thank You for Silent Cell Phones in the Reception Room, Shoes Off, and Political Opinions in the Car

I remember fondly going to church with my grandparents and my father.  It was an Episcopal church, and one of my favorite parts as a child was the "peace" greeting.  I looked up how it began, and here is what I discovered.
A liturgical exchange of greeting through word and gesture. It is a sign of reconciliation, love, and renewed relationships in the Christian community. It is initiated by the celebrant, who says, "The peace of the Lord be always with you." 

The people respond, "And also with you."
The ministers and people may greet one another in the name of the Lord. Any appropriate words of greeting may be used in the exchange of peace that follows between individuals. 
The gesture of greeting has been expressed in a variety of ways, including a kiss on the cheek, an embrace, a handclasp, or a bow. The peace is also known as the kiss of peace and the Pax (from the Latin, "peace"). ​ ​

Diets, Ranch Dressing, and Exercise

*The Story of How Tranquility Yoga Came to Be....Or Diets, Ranch Dressing, and Exercise" Jeanne began practicing yoga in her home in rural northeastern Oklahoma in September of 1995 with the show Yoga Zone.  She loved how despite all other forms of exercise, yoga made her feel calm and peaceful even while she was preoccupied with the busyness of raising teenagers on a farm and living in chaos.  Yoga was foreign to her experience, actually, she had never heard of it.  Her "go to" pose, and the only one she could do, was Cat/Cow or flexion/extension of the spine on all fours.  Child's pose was even difficult.  Downward Facing Dog was impossible because it hurt her wrists/hands and her hamstrings were too tight with a knee injury.
Yes, she walked.  She tried running in short intervals and enjoyed the stress release it provided, but Jeanne kept returning to the little Yoga Zone show.  Peaceful and calm despite the knee issue and hating down dog.  There was no mat.  There …